EcoClean Store Earth Worx Non-Acid Restroom Cleaner, Concentrate, 32 oz.

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EcoClean Store Earth Worx Non-Acid Restroom Cleaner is a strong yet safe multi-use cleaner that has the strength of an acid cleaner but it much safer for the user. EcoClean Store Earth Worx Non-Acid Restroom Cleaner is formulated to safely and effectively remove scum, alkali build-up, soap film, and hard water. Use Earth Worx Non-Acid Restroom Cleaner on sinks, toilets, partitions, shower stalls, drinking fountains, tile, and grouted floors. Makes up to 4 gallons of solution.

EcoClean Store Earth Worx products are formulated with ingredients designed to reduce exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. Earth Worx products offer a healthier environment for building occupants, visitors, and cleaning staff while reducing the negative impact on the environment.

Earth Worx Non Acid Restroom Cleaner can be used full strength when necessary but should be diluted with water for most cleaning tasks. The product should be diluted depending on the application, the surface and the severity of the soil.


Typically product should be diluted at a rate of 8 ounces per gallon of water. Spot check a hidden area of the surface to be cleaned first to see if product strength should be increased or decreased. Apply product and let stand for a few minutes. Wipe with cloth, sponge or swab and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Avoid contamination of food in the use and storage of this product. Surfaces subject to direct food contact must be rinsed with potable water.

Caution: This product should not be used on marble. Test on an inconspicuous area, if uncertain.