MR-750 Ottimo, Commercial Grade (Light Duty) Steam Cleaner

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The MR-750 Ottimo is the ultimate in steam cleaning for heavy-duty home use or light-duty commercial use. Ottimo, which means “Ultimate” in Italian, perfectly describes the performance and power of the MR-750 Ottimo. Years of development and customer feedback went into the development of the Ottimo to bring commercial power to a machine in a small light package with an exclusive Lifetime Warranty.

Key Features
• Powerful 1600 Watt Heating Element
• Solenoid Operated Steam Control
• Produces 270f - 280f Steam
• Water Level Indicator Dipstick
• 75 psi max Steam Pressure
• Commercial Grade Construction
• Largest Stainless boiler In Class
• Adjustable Steam Output
• 3 Hours Work Time On a Single Fill
• Cleans & Sanitizes Without Chemicals

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Vapamore MR-750 Ottimo Videos

Introduction & Assembly Video

Bed Bug Use Video

Usage Video

Steam Temperature Video

User Manual 


Additional Benefits of Steam Cleaning & Disinfecting

Air Conditioning & Heating- Sanitize and clean refrigeration equipment and HVAC coils. Eliminate dust, dander, and pollutants in air conditioning ducts and vents. 

Construction Sites- Remove wallpaper, vinyl, and paper stickers. Fire clean up, stain removal, graffiti, ink, general site cleaning, and equipment cleaning.

Flood & Fire Restoration- All over site cleaning includes the treatment of mold, mildew removal, eliminating stains, and general equipment cleaning.

Hospitality & Commercial Kitchens- Clean ovens, cook surfaces, cutting boards, exhaust hood filters, grills, defrost freezers, sanitize, and degreasing equipment. Carpet freshening, stain removal, odor control, sanitize bathrooms, floors, walls, furniture, air vents, and more.

Auto, Motorcycle, Boat, & RV- Interior stain removal and deodorizer. Exterior wheels, brake dust, engine compartment, grease removal, parts cleaning, flushing, and more.

Pest Control / Bedbugs- Eliminate allergens, bedbugs, dust mites, and their eggs upon contact. Chemical-free and safe. See the bed bug videos and treatment pages for details and use.

Grout Cleaning- Cleans grout lines on tile, stone floors, and showers enclosures.

Allergy Control- Kill allergens such as dust mites, spores, mold, and mildew, chemical-free.

Gum Removal- Steam away gum on sidewalks, elevators, escalators, tile, cement floors, and more.

Pet Care at Home- Chemical-free cleaning of pet cages, bedding, crates, toys, and surfaces so that pets won't ingest chemical cleaners from surfaces or their paws.

Animal Care Facilities- Chemical-free and environmentally safe cleaning of pet pens, crates, cages, veterinarian offices, and more.

Sporting Goods- Bikes, ATV’s, motorcycles, riding gear, golf clubs, work out equipment and any sporting gear.

Hospitals & Care Facilities- Sanitize bathrooms fixtures, showers, floors, furniture, drapery, handrails, air vents, wheelchairs, bedding, equipment, food trays, and carts. Eliminate bedbugs, dust mites, allergens, bacteria, and more.

Food Processing- Blenders, ovens, grills, tables, cutting boards, exhaust hood filters, floors, walls, defrost freezers, sanitize, degrease, and equipment maintenance.

Jewelry- Steam clean rings, chains, watches, and other jewelry.

 What's Included
• 1 X Steam Gun And Hose
• 2 X Extension Tubes
• 1 X Floor Head Smooth Surface
• 1 X Micro Fiber Floor Pad
• 1 X Large Elbow Adapter
• 1 X Detail Jet Tool
• 1 X Bed Bug / Clothes Steamer
• 1 X Small Cotton Covers
• 1 X Funnel
• 1 X Measuring Cup
• 1 X Accessory Tool Adapter
• 1 X Scraper Tool
• 1 X Angle Jet Tip
• 1 X Nylon Brush Grout
• 1 X Nylon Brush Medium
• 1 X Nylon Brush Large
• 1 X Brass Brush Small
• 1 X Brass Brush Large
• 1 X Horse Hair Brush Small
• 1 X Horse Hair Brush Large
• 1 X Stainless Brush Large
• 1 X Water Level Dipstick
• 1 X Extra O-Rings

• Power Supply: 120 V 60 Hz
• Heat Element: 1600 W – 13 Amp
• Steam Pressure: 5.2 Bar – 75 Psi Max
• Boiler Temp: 150 C – 302 F
• Boiler Size: 4 L – 1 Gal.
• Fill Capacity: 2.8 L – .73 Gal
• Steam Time: 3 Hours Max
• Tip Temp: 140 C – 284 F Peak
• Heating Time Full: 20 Min
• Steam Hose Length: 2.5 M – 8 Ft
• Power Cord Length: 4.5 M – 15 Ft
• Weight, 9.0Kg – 20 Lb
• Lifetime Warranty
• UPC: 860390000062


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