EcoClean Store Earth Worx Low Odor Finish Remover (Stripper), Concentrate, 1 Gal.

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EcoClean Store Earth Worx Finish Remover Concentrate is an environmentally preferred blend of water-soluble solvents and corn-based surfactants designed to emulsify multiple coats of floor finish. It should be used on vinyl composition tile and other floors that will not be harmed by water-based solvents. Makes up to 11 gallons of solution.

EcoClean Store Earth Worx products are formulated with ingredients designed to reduce exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. Earth Worx products offer a healthier environment for building occupants, visitors, and cleaning staff while reducing the negative impact on the environment.


1. For normal problem floors, dilute 1 part stripper to 4 parts warm water. Apply to
a small inconspicuous test area before doing the entire floor. Dilution ratios ranging from 1:4 to 1:10 may be necessary depending on the number of coats of the old finish.
2. Using the determined dilution ratio, apply to a small area of flooring (approx. 50-100 sq.ft.) Permit solution to remain on the floor approximately 5 minutes before scrubbing. Do not allow the solution to dry on the floor.
3. Scrub thoroughly with machine and stripping pad. Pick up solution immediately
with wet-dry vac or mop.
4. Rinse well with clear water.
5. Do not apply sealer or finish until the floor is thoroughly dry.
Automatic Scrubbers: Use the double-pass method for best results. Apply stripping
solution, normally 1 part stripper to 10 parts water. (Test in a small area prior to
stripping the floor.) Then strip with a machine.